Mixed News

The treatment has been working, sort of.  Some of her tumors have shrunk while others have grown.  Dr. Kurzrock wants to switch to a new experimental treatment that works in a very different way to attack the tumors.  The bad news is that the new treatment will require her to be in Houston twice a week.  That’s pretty tough.  I’ll fill in more details later.  Right now, I gotta go eat some lunch.

2 thoughts on “Mixed News

  1. Hi Maggie and Chris. I’m sure you have several friends in Houston but I live in Sugar Land and would be more than happy to help-out in anyway. I’m a stay-at-home Mom for the time being so my schedule is pretty flexible. My cell is 281-224-3363. Please don’t hesitate to call. I would love to see you again. Dawn Hellums Wibben (of dive-bar game nights with Jolie)

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