Doing Great

The last few days have been just charming.  Maggie been feeling great.  We are both rather surprised and relieved!  What a roller coaster ride.

Saturday we made an art supply run to Jerry’s, did a drive-by at Vinson’s birthday bash, and headed out the chili cook-off where my entry was bested by a better bowl of chili.  Actually, two better bowls of chili.  Maggie and I both enjoyed plenty of various types.  Actually, Maggie enjoyed hers twice, once going down…. You get the picture.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing and uneventful.  Yesterday, Maggie popped out of bed and headed to court to watch some proceedings.  It’s like Court TV, except it wasn’t TV and it’s real.  She had a good time.

Because Maggie has been feeling much better lately, there is the natural inclination to assume that the chemo has suddenly worked to reduce the tumors.  One thing we’ve learned through all we’ve been through is that you can’t make that assumption.  In fact, if the chemo treatment on Friday has had any effect, it would be unmeasurable using even the most modern scanning equipment.  “Fast” in cancer-treatment terms means “weeks” not “days.”

Most likely, her recent abundance of good feel is directly related to the new steroid treatment we’ve added to our daily dose of drugs.  Every morning with breakfast she takes four 5mg Prednisone tablets.  Dr. Loukas said to start with four and decrease until the unpleasantness starts again.  Today, she took three.

Eventually, the feel good that comes from the steroids will wear off.  The hope is that by then the chemo will have had a chance to do some good and, ideally, shrink the tumors that are causing the most issue.  If that works, then we get to reset the clock a little and start the whole happy cycle all over again.

When will we know?  Hard to say but I’d guess about a week or so after the next treatment, I’d guess.  February 28th, our 5th wedding anniversary.

16 thoughts on “Doing Great

  1. I am so glad that Maggie is feeling better and able to get out and about. I don’t know about the drug she is receiving, but the one that I am on can have some ‘results’ in less that a week. On day 4 (tomorrow) they rescan to see if the drug has done anything. I read a paper yesterday and at least in mice they did see reduced activitiy in the tumors. Here’s hoping that is the case for Maggie as well!

  2. So glad to hear you guys are on a high in time for valentines and your anniversary, It seems like yesterday, not 5 years, time flies! Hope we get to see you sometime soon till then big hugs and prayers your way.
    Leann & David

  3. I’m gotten so used to your sarcastic ways with words… that I was caught off guard that Maggie really IS Doing Great, as your title reads. =O)Yippee!

    I couldn’t be happier for you both. Yay for prednisone (for now). A much needed break in the clouds, for sure.

    Take care, Rolls With Punches family!
    Prayers and positive thoughts,

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