To The Circus

Maggie’s off to MD Anderson this morning.  She flew out via Angel Flight at 9AM for a full day of treatment.  My last post had her there on Friday but her schedule had changed from our last post so that we could use Angel Flights for transportation.  So, today treatment all day and into the evening.  Tomorrow, fly back home in the AM.

Turns out I spoke a little too soon about the vomiting.  Tuesday, when she went with to court and to meet a potential new client (who hired her, by the way!), she lost all her lunch.  Later that evening she lost her supper.  Wednesday, however, was uneventful.  We are going to try smaller but more frequent meals.  Maybe that’s the trick.  Geesh.

The pain in her shoulder is essentially gone.  We still attribute it to a sore muscle due to sudden and excessive exercise.  Another piece of potential excitement is that Maggie told me yesterday that she thinks the pain in her chest has reduced some.  Not gone, but reduced.  It’s difficult to be conclusive about these pains because they change in intensity daily.  It’s like trying to tell if the sun is brighter today than it was yesterday.  Hard to call.  But it sure is a nice thing to think about.

Last night Maggie said she was looking forward to treatment today.  In her meeting with the doctor, she’s going to tell him to turn up the FOLFOX to 11.  We don’t know what it was set at last time but if there’s more to be had, we want it.  And, heck, maybe that new juice is doing some good, too, ol’ R1507.  We’ll take it all.

2 thoughts on “To The Circus

  1. I’m so glad there has been such a happy amount of progress!! Chris, you’re a real sweetheart to your wife and my sweet daughter. She does so well because of your efforts and pure love.

    I agree with many small meals. I suggest calculating the amount of nutrition and calories needed to sustain healthy weight (or have a registered dietician do it), then divide that into about 6 small meals consumed every 2 to 4 hours throughout the day. Less food per meal should equal easy digestion and fewer spontaneous expulsions.

    Congrats Maggie, on landing a new account! I know you’ll deliver that person the best legal services. Keep up the great progress!


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