Monthly Archives: March 2009

Keeping On

I haven’t been updating as often as before.  It’s getting harder to pull through our daily lives.  I’m not sure as to why that would cause me to be a less prolific writer.  I’d expect, as it has been before, that the more difficult the times, the more driven to write I’d be.  But my actions (or lack thereof) speak for themselves.  I’m sure I’ll pay some psychiatrist one day to peel back the emotional onion that has been the last few years.  But for now, I cope.  We cope. Continue reading Keeping On

Headed Back

Maggie is doing fine.  She finished up chemo last night around 9PM after a long day but still with a smile in her voice.  Amazing woman.  This morning she told me she didn’t sleep much last night.  Standard quo for post-chemo nights.*  Exacerbating matters is that she forgot her sleeping pills here in Austin.  But the smile was still in her voice and she sounded eager to head home. Continue reading Headed Back

Back to MDA

Maggie is back in Houston for her next treatment at MD Anderson.  We met the volunteer pilot, Chris, at 7:15AM this morning at the Georgetown Airport.  Nice guy.  He wasn’t concerned at all about the weather which, as I drove away, was slightly breezy and not a drop of rain but very cloudy.  This was his first mission as a Grace Flight pilot.  How lucky is he, to get to share it with Maggie?  I’m certain after this experience he’ll be a frequent flyer! Continue reading Back to MDA

Scan Results

So we got the CT and X-Rays back from Seton today. The tumors continue to grow and spread. Of course, that explains the increase in pain that she’s been experiencing. It’s very unfortunate and makes me sad. She’ll be taking the scans with her tomorrow to MD Anderson for her visit. It will be interesting to see if we continue with this treatment or we’ll move on to the next trial. Were I a bettin’ man, I’d bet we’re done with this trial. Continue reading Scan Results