Maggie Kisses

With little doubt in my mind, Maggie has sent me a message.  It’s an “I Love You!” from beyond, or rather maybe a “You can do this!” along with a “You have such an exciting life yet to come!”  I can even hear her voice when I read the words.  I’m smiling through my tears.


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(Borrowed from xkcd, a comic stip I was introduced to yesterday in a very random way.)

16 thoughts on “Maggie Kisses

  1. Or maybe the message is all 3 of those things …. that’s what I believe! Thank you, Maggie!

    Knowing Maggie, I believe she will let nothing stand in her way to let you know she’s still right beside you. Just watch for her signs …. I know you’ll see them!

    Love you …

  2. Yup, just as I thought she would!! (my post: 12 May 2009 at 10:08 pm). It’s a wonderful feeling!! If your heart tells you these messages you’ll get from time to time that it’s Maggie, then it is. Don’t let the mind/brain/thoughts get in the way – the feeling of love is the true universal language. When you feel that love when you see the signs – it’s Maggie.

  3. Maggie will come to you for the rest of your life in the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. Accept these Maggie Moments as precious gifts and never doubt their origin, for beliveing it is she, makes it so.

  4. “Though we believe in Heaven, we fret with the unknown and unfamiliar side of it. “What’s going on out there? I don’t want to leave here. I want to live forever! My life’s over when I die!” Meantime, the “cloud of witnesses” is in Heaven, shouting, “Push!” as they anticipate the birth of eternal life.”

    Excerpt from “The Significance of One”, by Steve Vanzant

  5. Chris! That is soooo a sign. How funny, and how Maggie! Wow! I am routing for you and praying for you always. I know Maggie is proud of you for handling this with such tenacity. I am one of your biggest fans.

  6. Hi Chris,
    I am sorry I have not posted a comment before now. My own sorrow has been so deep, and knowing about your sorrow only made it more painful. I finally determined yesterday that I needed to break through that barrier. So I printed out the last 5 blogs and sat with my therapist and read them to her. I weeped that full hour, but it was cleansing. I slept more deeply last night and am able to focus better today.

    We have a bond with Maggie that is very deep. You saw her every day for 10 years, I saw her everyday for 18 years and carried her little body next to my heart for 8.5 months. Yeah, that’s right, she was so determined to join the world that she insisted on being born 2 weeks early. Her life was fragile that first 6 months. I never got a good night sleep until then. She had a infection at 2 days old, parapertussis (a form of whopping cough) at 5 months old, and would stop breathing in her sleep throughout her infancy. I wrapped her in love and vigilance until I was sure she could manage on her own.

    I still feel her in my heart as an extra warmth whenever I focus my thoughts in her direction.

    I am glad she is sending you kisses. I am feeling them in the ripple effect of reading your blog. She will be always near you because of her absolute love for you. I love you, too.

    In looking to the future – I’ve gotten more than one suggestion to join a grief peer counseling group. It is just not my thing. While I know this type of therapy helps countless numbers of people, it is not constructive enough for me. I discussed with Lori (my daughter) that what would be helpful is to continue to organize fundraiser events for the memorial fund at the high school. We could have an annual art show with auction, or various social events. I realize that now is not the time to discuss details, but know, my second son, that we will transcend this stage of sorrow to be stronger and wiser. Giviing was Maggie’s ‘thing’, and we’ll cherish and support that legacy.

    Hugs for you.

    1. My heart aches for you – the loss of a child is my worst nightmare. I can’t even fathom the hurt. Bless you and Chris – God be with you and give you strength.

  7. Mary,
    My heart is heavy for you.To lose a child is something only a parent can experience. My friend 30 years ago lost her son, he was young,7 years old. She just had her 3rd child and had to take Todd to the doctor’s for some test. The DR’s.made a mistake and he never came home.
    Just know that my thought’s a with you!

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