Monthly Archives: May 2009

Memorial Details

Maggie was all about rebirth and making things better.  She loved stories of people getting a second chance, be it via the battered women’s shelter, Queer Eye, or Extreme Makeover She knew that the single most impactful choice a person can make is to get a solid educational foundation by attending college.  Therefore, in honor of Maggie, we have decided to establish a scholarship for financially-challenged young women. Continue reading Memorial Details

Not Much Farther

Our Great Cancer Adventure is nearly over.  We don’t have much farther to go together, hand-in-hand.  We stopped skipping hand-in-hand a while back, and settled on a brisk but cheery walk.  A few weeks ago, we had to slow down the pace again to a nice saunter.  The last couple of weeks, we’ve been barely shuffling along.  Now, I stumble awkwardly forward, proud but tired, carrying her on my back.  And family and friends pick me up each time I fall to my knees.  But we are still together, still smile, still joke and we still hold hands.  Just not for much longer now. Continue reading Not Much Farther