Legal Notice in the Newspaper

You know those funny little things you’ve seen in the newspaper but never really understood what they were?  You know, way back in the back in the classified ad section.  They look like little mini legal gobbledygook documents.  You’ve seen them.  I’ve always kind of wondered what they were and even what the story was behind each of those odd little announcements to the world.  In general, it’s kind of funny to me that they appear in the newspaper and that everyone (meaning our legal system) seems to accept that this is perfectly reasonable and normal.  But in every newspaper they sit, quietly, in the back hinting at a million little heartbreaking details.

Saturday before last, in the Legal Notices of the Austin American Statesman ran a little notice with a million little details behind it – our details, many of which you’ve read about here on this blog.

A long time ago when this Great Cancer Adventure started, my grandmother, Meme, told me that she was so sad for me because I was learning about things I shouldn’t have to know at this point in my life.  I reflect back on her words occasionally when things hit me.  I’ve always been ravenously curious about things, even insatiable in my desire to learn about new things.  But, frankly, like Meme implied, I now know way more about some things than I wish I ever did.


Follow-on Note:  Just in case you were wondering, this little required announcement cost $300 to place in the newspaper. Tell me there’s not a racket going on here.

2 thoughts on “Legal Notice in the Newspaper

  1. My mom passed away in July and there are five heirs (her 5 children). I don’t know when her notice was filed…I never saw it, didn’t want to see it. The word “deceased” jumps out at ya, doesn’t it.

  2. Something about seeing it in writing for all the public to see makes it so real. It can never be taken back. It’s out there…I know what you mean. It was that way for me when I read my Mother’s.

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