Monthly Archives: March 2010

Probate Court Thursday

Thursday at 10:30 AM I get the privilege of standing in front of a judge and testifying that Maggie was my wife, and that she died, and that we didn’t have any kids. After that’s complete I’ll get a document called a Letter of Administration that will finally allow me to start closing Maggie’s accounts, filing tax returns and doing other things that have been held up by the legal system. Continue reading Probate Court Thursday

Tough Days Coming

We’re coming up on dark days filled with emotional echos. I try not to reflect but it’s difficult. My idle brain quickly skips back a year, back to the deeply emotional and traumatic daily experiences that were overwhelming our lives. I’m so thankful for the blog because it helps me remember those poignant and painful times. I’m especially thankful for the comments so many people left. Oddly enough, my posts don’t usually hit me nearly as hard as the comments do. Continue reading Tough Days Coming

Maggie’s Twin

A remarkable thing happened tonight. At dinner with a friend, a girl sat across from me who looked amazingly like Maggie. Her face and her hair rang true to the image of Maggie during the early days of our relationship. The resemblance was breath-taking. I fear I made her uncomfortable with my overt gaping but despite my restraint I just nearly couldn’t help my reaction. The resemblance was uncanny. Continue reading Maggie’s Twin