Probate Court Thursday

Thursday at 10:30 AM I get the privilege of standing in front of a judge and testifying that Maggie was my wife, and that she died, and that we didn’t have any kids. After that’s complete I’ll get a document called a Letter of Administration that will finally allow me to start closing Maggie’s accounts, filing tax returns and doing other things that have been held up by the legal system.

If I peel back my layers of frustration and anger with all who have been involved in delaying this matter for so long, I find that I feel a whole range of emotions, from sadness, to disbelief to, well, even relief.

One year ago things were so different. It’s hard to get my head around this still.

4 thoughts on “Probate Court Thursday

  1. Chris, I am blown away at how alike we are travelling this path. When I get really down, I ask myself “WWBD?” It’s like we have the same thoughts going through our heads at the same time. As May approaches I find myself feeling more and more anxious. We won’t get over this but hopefully we’ll get through it. Take care, Fiona.

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