Monthly Archives: June 2010

Maggie’s Diamonds

Why today, I’m not sure.  But today was a day of amazing… well… Let’s just say that it’s been a long time since I’ve felt my wife’s loving kisses.  As a well-educated, rational man I try not to look too far for things that might could be interpreted as messages from, you know, (insert creepy echo sound here) The Great Beyond.  I suspect that children would argue, were they equipped with such skills, that our grown-up filters get in the way of seeing the magic that’s right in front of our eyes every day.  Well, today, I was presented with something I find difficult to easily dismiss.  Fortunately, about such matters (a relatively recently decision, like, for the last 415 days) I’ve been more open than closed, accepting than judging, more faith than fact.  Today just took my breath away. Continue reading Maggie’s Diamonds

A Deer Story

Driving to the store I drove past two very little fawns playing in a yard.  Spotted, about a foot tall and cute as buttons but alone, I couldn’t help but wonder where their mom was.  I watched in horror in my rear-view mirror as one of them darted right across the same road I just blew down.  The other followed quickly.  Thankfully, the only car in the immediate vicinity was the one I was driving but the guy jogging, the lady walking her dog and the lady standing out in her yard collectively exhaled as the little guys made it safely to the other side of the road.  Holy cow, I thought.  So adorable yet so precariously placed.  I flipped a u-ee and headed back. Continue reading A Deer Story

Fear of Bullets

Living in a time capsule is my daily reality.  I’ve made paths around the house that are, as my friend Kyle calls them, pig trails.  If I wander too far off those pig trails I hit the past.  But lately when I do, the past doesn’t hurt quite so much anymore, or maybe I’ve nurtured nostalgia to replace the pain.  Nurtured/ developed/ replaced/ inserted/ forced/ whatever….   It just doesn’t hurt as much these days. Continue reading Fear of Bullets

Level Check

Two hours and fifteen minutes.  No biggie, I thought.  I’ll just read one post while I’m cooking supper.  Two hours and fifteen minutes.  With the news story and all my getting out and having fun I seem so strong, so adjusted, so… so… over it.  So, while my Shake ‘n Bake chicken cooks, I’ll flip over to the blog, and read just one post titled Not Much Farther.  I wrote it the morning of the day It happened, the day she died.  Two hours and fifteen minutes.  That’s how long I sat in the floor and cried.  That’s how “over it” I am. Continue reading Level Check