Who Is Maggie?

Who is Maggie?  How do I even pretend to be able to answer this question?  No words I could choose, no story I could tell, nothing I could possibly write could even capture a portion of the brilliant colors in the picture of Maggie Mae Weaver.  So I’ll be brief with my description, sticking mostly to facts.  The years of writing on this blog, the 300,000+ words found here, paint a better picture than I could in a paragraph or two anyway.  I hope that you’ll take a few minutes and click around and read.

Maggie Mae Pilat was born 12.9.1975 to Paul Pilat and Mary Valente on The Farm, a hippy commune outside Tennessee.  From there she (and her family) moved to Austin so she could meet me on June 14, 1999.

She was my sunshine, my angel, my best friend, and every possible thing a friend, boyfriend and husband could ever dream about.  She was brilliant (yes, a member of Mensa), beautiful (you’ve seen the pictures), funny, personable, argumentative, deeply caring and had a presence about her that just made the world sparkle and shine when she was near.  She had hundreds of friends and even more fans. And she loved me dearly.

On February 28, 2004 we became husband and wife.  On February 29, 2004 we became husband and wife again (this time with Elvis in Las Vegas.)  In 2006 she followed her dream to become a lawyer by moving to Waco and start law school.  In January 5, 2007 she was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, Stage IV.  She was just barely 31 years old.

Our lives immediately spun up into a whirlwind of medical procedures, hospitals, weird drugs, insurance woes, Final Directives and other things, all of which were very scary and very new to us.

Our friends and family came out in full support when we needed it most, when we could barely stand up or see straight, still half-unconscious from the blow we’d just received. We were so blessed to have such great friends and a supportive family.

Many years have passed and a lot has happened. This blog was started as a crude attempt at trying to capture the amazing stuff that was happening in our lives (well, mostly Maggie’s) while we carried on thumbing our nose at The Cancer.  Despite it all, The Cancer won.

Sadly, she had to leave us on May 4, 2009 at 7:30PM.  I held my angel here as long as could.

After that day, this blog morphed into what was happening with me as I tried desperately to carry on without her.

Now, this blog is my simple light for those who follow hoping that somewhere in these pages and pages that little light will help them find their own way.  I’ll keep writing in hopes that what is here will give someone hope and maybe some happiness, even if it’s just a smile knowing that you can still have a great deal of fun when life deals you a pretty tough blow.

And yes, Virginia, Santa Clause is a myth but true love does exist.