To Waco to Celebrate Friends’ Graduation

“No Chemo Days are great” says Maggie.  She’s been doing really well, eating good, gaining energy and as about as spunky as you could imagine.  🙂

The hair loss continues but it doesn’t appear to be dramatic.  We are taking a wait-and-see attitude on how we are going to react.

Saturday we’ve come up to Waco to celebrate a few of Maggie’s friends’ graduation.  We’ll be headed back to Austin on Sunday.

We’ve engaged a dietician to help us make sure Maggie’s caloric intake is meeting or exceeding her physical needs.  Our first meeting with her is Monday before her chemo treatment.  We’ve also engaged a company who will help us navigate the rough waters between the hospital bills and the insurance claims.
Next Steps For Maggie

Dr’s office for more tests and more chemo on Monday January 29 at 9:00AM.  The Dr. said that this dose of CTP-11 will be stronger and he’ll be adding in a new drug called Avastin.  He said that he expects this round to knock Maggie down pretty good.  I think he underestimates Maggie’s strength.  🙂

After chemo we’ll head back to Waco where Maggie will start classes again to finish up her last few hours at Baylor Law.  Chris will stay in Waco to help assist with any challenges Maggie might face (other than school work.)  [Side Note: We’ve spoken to Maggie’s profs about Chris attending class in a purely silent, support role sitting quietly in the back of the classroom.  One of her profs was extremely averse to this idea, stating “Heck no!  Chris will sit right beside Maggie right in front and be expected to prepare for class just like the rest of the students!  I’ve already got a case picked out for Chris to study.”]

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