Still Losing Weight

We have been trucking along ok today.  Maggie’s currently napping (her after class usual.)  She feels kind of crummy today but nothing terribly specific.  We haven’t taken any pain meds since yesterday yet she claims to feel exactly the same (not in too much pain but general discomfort.)  Bad stomach cramps continue to plague her daily.

We still haven’t had any gastro-intestinal events which is FANTASTIC!  Of course, we have a chemo treatment with Avastin on Monday.  The specific side-effects for Avastin don’t include nausea so we are hoping that we are done with that for at least another week.

Maggie is still losing weight.  This morning she weighed in at a mere106.5 lbs.  However, we have a theory.  We’ve noticed that her post-operative abdominal swelling is decreasing daily.  There’s an obvious reduction in size from even just a few days ago.  Our theory about the continued weight loss is that Maggie’s body has been in a 100 lb (or less!) state for a while but because of all the retained water associated with the post-operative swelling her weight was artificially inflated (~120 lbs).  As that swelling reduces the scales will reveal a much more accurate current weight, one from which we can start building upon.  In fact, Chris believes that we’ve already started the processes of building her weight back up.

We have been put on notice by both Nurse Jolie and by our new friends Christa and Craig that hydration is a very serious issue.  Thus, we are trying hard to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day.  We haven’t done so well thus far.

We *may* have bought a car, finally.  More details to come….

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