Liver Tumors Are Shrinking!

We received some great news today!  At the Spa today we learned that Maggie’s liver has noticeably reduced in size.  This is fantastic news because this means the chemo treatments are working!  This is the first really, really good news we’ve had in a long time.  Granted, this doesn’t really change her prognosis substantially other than remove the “worst case scenario” but we are both very happy to go ahead and let that option go….  Yeah.  Buh-bye!

On top of that great news, this week is officially “drug free” week.  Maggie is off her pain meds which, by the nature of pain meds, has enabled her to stop taking a myriad of other meds that were used to fight various, related side-effects.  As of Monday morning she will also be off her oral chemo med Xeloda, too.  Fantastic!

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