Perils of True Love

Maggie is doing ok today – just tired.  Nights continue to be somewhat restless, filled with night sweats and general discomfort.  Chris is tired, too.  Maggie thinks that, for some reason, when she wakes up covered in a drenching sweat, it’s the perfect time to snuggle.  Chris tends to disagree.  Ah, now this is true love.

Maggie’s weight is remaining steady (~108 lbs).  We’ve not been as aggressive about her caloric intake lately as we should be, mostly because Maggie is growing tired of Chris’s unrelenting epicureanical* pressure.  However, today we did push a little bit.  Breakfast consisted of an ego with peanut butter, bacon, Ensure and a Cliff’s Bar.  😉  Not too shabby.  We hope tomorrow’s weigh-in reflects our efforts.

* A simple literary indulgence: epicurean + tyrannical = epicureanical.  🙂

Maggie is at “work” right now with a local Waconian judge.  One of her credit hours this quarter is for an externship.  Yesterday she put in about 3 hours and today she expects to be there for nearly 3.5.

Phyllis Arnold from MD Anderson called today to request more medical records for Maggie which definitely means that our application to be admitted is moving but it doesn’t mean anything more.  We spoke briefly on Monday to Dr. Loukas about Dr. Curly at MD Anderson and liver resections.  Dr. Loukas was quite confident that a liver resection is not a medically-useful procedure for Maggie due to the degree of disease she has.  All this is frustrating because Chris feels like there’s more we could be doing, especially after reading It’s Not About the Bike, Lance Armstrong’s book.  (If you haven’t read it you should.  It’s a breezy read.  Lance’s experience with his cancer strongly parallels our experience minus a few points of survivability.)

This week is officially “drug free” week.  Maggie is off her pain meds which, by the nature of pain meds, has enabled her to stop taking a myriad of other meds that were used to fight various, related side-effects.  She’s also stopped taking her Xeloda.  Fantastic!

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