Pretty Good Week

This week has been just great.  Maggie’s been fine other than some occasional periods of minor nausea.  Wow!  She’s been sleeping through the night, mostly.  She says she’s got a continual “general ill” feeling but nothing that’s keeping her down.  And other than her required daily chemo drugs she’s not been taking anything – no nausea pills, no pain meds, nothing.  How much more could we really ask for?

She’s still losing hair but she’s become quite comfortable wearing her new wig.  Her weight has pretty much stabilized at around 110lbs despite Chris’s best attempts to get a few more pounds added on.  We talked this morning about really pushing for those mere 5 more pounds, be it muscle or otherwise.  Maybe spring break will give us the opportunity to eat up.

We are both very thankful for these “easy” days.  It’s nearly easy to forget about how serious this whole “cancer” crap is and what it ultimately means.  I’m sure we’ll be unpleasantly reminded soon enough.

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