No News is GOOD News!

Just a quick, easy update – the CT went fine Thursday.  We didn’t expect much excitement.  We won’t get the results until Monday so we really don’t know anything.

As we mentioned before, with Maggie’s cancer, we’re now in a waiting game.  A cure is not going to happen.  But every day she lives new drugs become available.  One of those that’s really promising is called DCA.  It’s SUPER cheap, at about $2 per dose (vs. the roughly $10,000 -18,000 per treatment we are currently spending).  Come on, scientists!  Go baby, go!  Research like the wind!

Things are still going just great.  This is a “no chemo” week (after this morning’s last dose of Xeloda).  Maggie’s doing wonderfully.  She’s bouncing around like her old self and it’s so, so fantastic to spend these days together with her.  We are going to spend this week relaxing, having a fun Spring Break/No Chemo week and just forget about the last 3 months and ignore the future.

Don’t expect many updates this week because we don’t expect things to change much.  However Monday will be fun.  We’ll get the results from our CT scan and will likely get a double-dose of chemo (CPT-11 and Avastin).  However, if we had our preference we’d love for Dr. Loukas to proclaim that Maggie’s been miraculously cured Monday.  Heck, we’d be even be pretty happy if he’d tell us that the tumors have shrunk enough to have a liver resection.  We’re aren’t too picky as long as it’s positive news.

We are both very thankful for these “easy” days.  It’s nearly easy to forget about how serious this whole “cancer” crap is and what it ultimately means.  I’m sure we’ll be unpleasantly reminded soon enough.

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