Maggie’s tumors are dying!!

Maggie’s tumors are dying!!

The tumors have substantially shrunk in size and her liver

is almost back to “normal” size! 🙂

Here’re the details.  Dr. Loukas showed us the CT scans from when Maggie was in the hospital.  He took time to specifically point out the tumors in the scan (because it’s all just a bunch of black and white spots to us!)  But after he pointed them out it was pretty obvious that her liver had a lot of tumors.  He showed us the CT scans we got last Thursday and, after orienting our perspective it was OBVIOUS that the tumors had shrunk considerably.  It was fantastic.  Chris nearly shed a tear.

Check back later.  Chris is trying to figure out how to get the images loaded up onto the web site so all can see.  They always say it’s what’s inside that really counts.

Read more details here.

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