Good Days

Today has been pretty good.  J  The weekend went good, too.  There was quite a bit of napping and a lot of essential “takin’ it easy” time.  Maggie is consistently feeling good – some stomach cramping, general yuck feelings, and yuck but other than that she’s doing great.  We spent the weekend smiling, laughing, holding hands, watching TV, talking – fantastic.  And Chris even got in some quality time with his friend Jeff.  It was a good, good weekend.

We’re back in Waco for another week.  Maggie is now actively looking for post-Law School employment, truly a positive sign.  All-in-all, things are going good.

On a minor not-positive-but-not-negative note, we finally spoke with MD Anderson today.  They were clear that, based off the last CT scans they’ve seen, Maggie’s tumors are way too big for operative removal.  This is not a surprise to us.  Of course, they haven’t seen the latest scans (which Chris will remedy by a quick FedEx delivery later this week) but we suspect that even with the reduction her tumors will still be too big.  So, we will continue with the chemo attack and pray for good results while we try to forget about the ever-present risk of her tumor becoming non-responsive.

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