Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

Things are still going fine.  All the issues we are having are really minor (occasional trouble sleeping, low energy, others.)  It’s going great, really!  Of course, we are still taking our chemo every day.  Chris still presses Maggie to drink more water.  Maggie tries to convince Chris that her body is just wired different than everyone else and doesn’t need much water to function.  Chris then explains to her that dehydration is making her delirious.  It’s our routine…. Demented, but it’s what we do.

On a semi-related note, Chris thinks Maggie is losing weight.  It could merely be his overactive imagination since we Chris left the scale in Austin.  It’s not something too terribly worrisome but it certainly motivates Chris to keep up the feedings.

On a minor not-positive-but-not-negative note, we finally spoke with MD Anderson last Monday.  They were clear that, based off the last CT scans they’ve seen, Maggie’s tumors are way too big for operative removal.  This is not a surprise to us.  Of course, they haven’t seen the latest scans (which Chris will remedy by a quick FedEx delivery later this week) but we suspect that even with the reduction her tumors will still be too big.  So, we will continue with the chemo attack and pray for good results while we try to forget about the ever-present risk of her tumor becoming non-responsive.

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