Maggie’s Back In Waco (w/o Chris)

Today’s chemo session went fine, as expected.  It was over quick since she only received her Avastin.  Otherwise this is a Chemo Free Week, happily.  It’s also a short week of school.

Maggie’s weight is good.  She’s up to 115 lbs which, if you add in the roughly 5 lbs of hair she used to have then you’ve got 120 lbs which is back to a normal weight.  Fantastic.  Her spirit is great.  That big ol’ Maggie smile has been lighting up restaurants, stores, parks and Chris’ heart now all week like there is not a care in the world.

We are trying something new.  Maggie is going back to Waco by herself this week.  Yes, she will be without her caretaker.  Chris expects that there will be some quality-of-life adjustments for her to make due to the obvious wife-spoilage that has taken place over the last weeks (Chris cooking breakfast, carrying book, buying groceries, running errands, etc, etc.) but we both believe that she will be fine with regards to all cancer and health matters. She is really doing great.  And besides, Waco is 1.5 hours from Austin (1 hour travel time @ 120 mph + 30 minutes quality time with the DPS officer).  And Maggie has just a FEW friends in Waco who are more than willing to help and capable of doing anything she might need done.  She will be just fine.

MD Anderson wants copies of her latest CTs which show the tumors’ new and improved smaller size.  Chris will be sending those this week but he doesn’t expect any quick invitation to come visit.  We think that we’ve got a ways to go still before they’ll consider us for that liver resection.

Chris and Maggie also met with Acton, the business school that Chris plans to attend starting this Fall, to let them know about the cancer.  They were very considerate and understanding, of course.  Chris explained that there might be a day or even a few days that he needs to focus on his #1 Top Priority which might necessitate missing class.  They understood and were very clear that they will support us both in whatever ways they can.  The meeting really cooled Chris’ fears that somehow the “Chris and Maggie’s Fun with Cancer” experience would include him missing out on his dream of acquiring his MBA from Acton.  Chris is very excited.

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