Another visit to The Spa

Today’s visit with Dr. Loukas went great, despite Chris’ absence.  Dr. Loukas told Maggie that she was responding to treatment on par with the best he’s ever seen.  He gave her a 10 on a 1-10 scale of response.  We could not have asked for better feedback.  He said that he had started Maggie’s treatment quickly after surgery because he expected that she would not respond for a longer period of time (apparently more typical) but, thankfully, she was quick to heal back up.  He gave her an “A+”.  Fantastic.

Maggie has been considering a post-bar exam trip overseas mid-August so she asked Dr. Loukas about his opinion on travel during that time period.  He was enthusiastic and said that he does not anticipate that she’ll be getting any worse any time soon.  It’s good that we are all on the same page.

Dr. Loukas’ future plans are “since it’s working let’s do more of the same” –Monday Chemo Camp peppered with an occasional CT scan to make sure things are progressing properly (or should that be “regressing” properly?)

The day wasn’t all bright, though.  After Maggie received her dose of CPT-11 she got pretty nauseated.  It surprised us and made her feel pretty rotten – a feeling that still subsists as of 3:45PM.  They gave her a shot of something that drugged her up pretty good.  She was pretty loopy so Chris took her home, fed her and put her to bed.  She’s doing fine but just not the top of her game right now.  Hopefully, it will pass soon.  We attribute it to us getting a little too cocky.  The cancer realized that we aren’t running scared so it decided to threaten us, not unlike the futile flailing of a beheaded chicken.  Dead Chicken Flapping.

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