The Eyebrows are History

Maggie is spending most of her time studying for her final finals punctuated with a few naps.  She has understandably grown weary of studying and is looking forward to her last final Friday.  And her graduation Saturday will no doubt be an emotional event for all who attend.

She’s doing fine, health-wise, although her energy just isn’t what she’d prefer.  Chris has concocted evil plans for when she moves back home that include morning walks, gentle exercise, more eating and other things designed to increase her stamina and strength.  Chris could use a little of that exercise, too, so it’s a family evil plan.

Chris started this web site as a documentary while Maggie was in the hospital.  He’s unsure what day exactly but he knows it coincides with his first shower after we got checked into the hospital.  At the time he was clearly not in his right mind (please temporarily put aside any illusions that Chris has ever been in a “right mind.”)  As a result, many of the early updates to this web site were unfortunately not saved – lost in the great stream of bits that is the web.  As crises go, some of the most difficult stuff to remember is the stuff that is really worth not forgetting.  And this web site documented a lot of that stuff as it happened during January and February, a time we around here call “Hospital Camp” followed immediately by “A Really Tough Time.”  (Yes, creativity in naming things is one of those mad crazy skills Chris has way too much of.)  Anyway, if anyone has copies of this web site for any of the days in January or February could they please forward them to Chris.  He’d like to eventually put all of these updates into a calendar of memories.  Having those lost days would help fill in the gaps of the memories of a very important and meaningful time for both Chris and Maggie.  Thank you.

The effects of 3 ½ months of intensive chemo have finally taken the ultimate toll on Maggie’s body hair.  Unfortunately, the last remaining bits of her eyebrows merely hint at the beautiful, expressive brows she once artfully manicured daily.  Losing that last, final bit of body hair has been tough on her.  It’s like a signal to the eyes that something is wrong – that she really is sick.  Or rather, that she is really sick.  Who would have thought that the total weight of the hairs in two small, manicured eyebrows far outweigh the weight of the hair on the rest of the body?

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