And We’re Done!

We are done!  It was over quick, too.  And it’s actually pretty good news.  No new surprises.  No new cancerous tumors.  No blockages.  Nice.

Dr. Alcocer made it past where the previous tumors were this time (the ones removed with surgery in January) and he was surprised at how “unremarkable” her ascending colon was.  The previous tumors were found in her descending and transverse colon, along with numerous polyps.  Of course, those polyps were still there but the ascending colon was pretty clear.

He didn’t remove any of the polyps, for reasons unknown, but did snatch a piece of her largest polyp for biopsy.

She’s fine now and has already eaten a baked potato.  The doctor said there was no need for a modified diet so tonight we dine!… Or maybe tomorrow night.  We’ll see how her energy is.  J  But she’s doing fine.  And so is Chris.

So, what does this mean for Maggie.  We’re not sure exactly but next we’ll likely get a PET scan followed by a minor surgery.  Basically, Dr. Loukas is trying to narrow down what is causing Maggie’s abdominal pain on the right side of her abdomen.  It’s sometimes pretty bad pain but he suspects it is a pretty common side effect called adhesions which necessitate surgery.  But before we go cutting her up again he wants to eliminate some less-invasive possibilities.  Twisted polys and new cancerous blockage eliminated!  On to the next step… 

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