And Crash…

Maggie crashed after we got back from the store this morning.  She started strong, as was noted in the morning update, but she didn’t have much staying power.  As a result she slept pretty much all day.  She’s just not feeling too hot.

We did get out for a wonderful dinner with our new friends Annie and Brian.  Maggie was fine all through dinner and back home.  We stopped at HEB for some nice strawberries so Maggie could have a nice bowl of ice cream and berries before her shot of Nuelasta.  Chris administered the shot and apparently hurt her pretty bad because she really jumped when the needle went in.  That sucked.  Then, apparently he pushed in the fluid too quickly because it started to burn pretty badly.  “Ouch, ouch, ouch,” Maggie said, ripping Chris’s heart a little with each exclamation.  L  It really sucks to hurt the person you love which, no doubt, any parent can attest.

On the way home Maggie said she was really getting sick of this chemo.  She wants a break from feeling crappy all the time.  What a shock.

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