Bye, Bye Kitties

Another week begins….  We’ve been dealing actively with The Cancer now for six months, although six months ago we didn’t actually know it was cancer.  Six months ago today we got our first CT scan (after demanding angrily that something be done but that’s a different story…)  Crazy, really.  Just crazy.

Yesterday we sent our kitties to a new home with a friend of ours, Lisa, in Houston.  It was heartbreaking.  The kitties were crying.  Maggie was crying.  Chris was crying.  As much as we didn’t want to let it hurt we both felt like this was a victory for The Cancer.  But the kitties have gone to a great home with a great, loving person.  And it’s just best for us and for them.

Maggie has been doing fine.  She had some brief nausea yesterday but nothing that a little laying down couldn’t solve.  Today we’re trying to preempt a similar occurrence with drugs.  We are careful to use the Kytril selectively because the insurance company causes us pain every time we try to get more.  Apparently it’s expensive but it works.

Speaking of insurance companies, they are finally paying (and have paid) all the outstanding bills.  Finally.  It’s funny that they sent us these demanding, unfriendly letters telling us how they are auditing us and demanding us to jump through hoops but finally, once the audit was concluded we never heard peep from them.  Never a “ok, we’re done and we’ve decided you didn’t lie to us” or a “ok, sorry for putting you through that mess” or a “Congrats!  We are finally actually going to pay your medical bills like we promised.”  Nothing.  I hate insurance companies.*  But hey, according to their web site they have assessed their “benefit” to us at $128,854.  That ain’t chump change.

* I hope I’m not offending anyone by making such a broad, sweeping generalization about all insurance companies.  Maybe it’s just Humana that sucks.

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