Still Trying for PET Scan

Maggie’s still in Waco and is doing fine. She hasn’t mentioned her abdominal pain in a while which continues the mystery.  And, as we’ve learned, doctors don’t particularly sit well with mysteries, except in TV shows.

We are still trying to schedule the PET scan (which is really Chris’ fault – he was supposed to call on Friday but forgot.)  The plan was to do the PET scan and then operate, fixing the supposed adhesion that was causing Maggie’s abdominal pain while also slicing up Maggie’s liver to remove some of the tumors.  However, all bets are off if her abdominal pain has gone away.  Actually, Dr. Loukas didn’t appear to be too anxious to do the surgery quite yet.  In fact, Chris thinks he was a little disappointed to have his hand forced into doing the surgery so soon.  But, maybe if Maggie’s mysterious abdominal pain has disappeared that give us more time for the chemo to continue to shrink her tumors.  The only good tumor is a non-existent tumor.  The next best thing is a very small tumor, however that may manifest.

Maggie had a great “last hurrah” last night with her Law School friends.  In her words “I drank too much.”  Also in her words, “I haven’t done much today.”  J  But, as she said (and Chris agrees) this is one of the last times she’ll see some of her dear friends.  Party on, My Love.  The era of Law School is coming to an end.  How wonderful and bittersweet is that?

Last time we were at The Spa we snapped a few pictures.  Here’s a picture of Maggie with Dr. Loukas.  And here’s a picture of one of our favorite lab techs, Teresa.  And here’s Maggie in the chair that we’ve grown so familiar with.  She’s not hooked up to her fluids yet (including chemo), but we’ll get a picture of that next time.  It’s not much different, really.  Just picture a thin line of poison flowing straight into her chest right above her left breast.  Nice mental picture, huh?  The real picture won’t compare to the picture you just imagined.

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