Monthly Archives: July 2007

Front Page of the NY Times

Check out this great article about cancer on the front page of today’s NY Times.  The parallels are uncanny!  It’s about a girl, 35, who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.  It’s scary and encouraging at the same time.  She was told she had maybe six months to live.  She’s got (or had) large liver tumors and was told they are inoperable.  And she has a law degree.

I think I’ll be calling Dr. Choti tomorrow.  Anyone have any connections at Johns Hopkins?

And She’s Done!

Martha and Maggie are on cloud nine and a little bit wired up right now.  They have been yelling law at each other since I got here, no doubt Monday morning quarterbacking their performance.  Minimum competency this and mbe that.  I don’t have a clue what they are saying other than the bitching that the champagne isn’t cold yet. 🙂

Maggie said the morning portion of the test was HORRIBLE (caps hers, not mine) but the afternoon wasn’t quite so bad.

Tonight we celebrate!

Day Two – Done!

I just spoke with Maggie and she’s done for the day.  Only one more day of this to go.  She sounded really up-beat and happy to be finished but she’s also quite tired.  Apparently, she says, thinking really hard all day wears you out.

Katy apparently made it through the test ok.  She’s going to rest her back tonight but she thinks she’s going to make it.

Wow, what a monumental undertaking!  And they are all almost done.