Monday Chemo Blues

This morning’s Spa visit went fine.  We even had our good friend Denise accompany us so she could see what it’s all about.  Maggie got CPT-11 this morning and, as is typical, it kicked her down a few notches.  She’s feels “full” and is laying in bed now with Niko.

We had a nice, relaxing chat with Dr. Loukas this morning.  He gave us a ton of information which I’ll be putting up on the site later.  Essentially, he’s very pleased with Maggie’s progress. And he expects that the PET scan tomorrow will be very positive.  He also said that he may take Maggie off chemo come around October which is sort of great.  I’ll explain more later.

Her abdomen pain is definitely still an issue although not as bad or consistent as it had been initially.  For what that’s worth.

Oh, and in case I wasn’t clear, the insurance company is definitely paying our claims now.  While they were pretty demanding and urgent initially they certainly haven’t given us any “official word” that they’ve decided that we weren’t lying to them.  Actually, I don’t believe we’ve had any notification at all.

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