Our 6th Month Cancer Anniversary

Today, six months ago at 3:30 we got the call from the doctor that changed our lives.  So much has changed.  Our focus was so different then. Maggie was so worried about getting back to school for Big Trial the first call she made after we got the news was to Prof. Powell’s assistant to tell him that she might miss a few days of class.  Wow, that day sucked.  And worse days followed.  But today…  today is a wonderful gift.

We just got the news from the PET scan.  All is looking good!  It was just a voicemail from Nurse Mary so we don’t really have any specifics other than these points:

  • Dr. Loukas was very pleased with what he saw
  • The tumors in Maggie’s liver have continued to shrink in size
  • We’re going to continue onward with the current plan
  • Dr. Loukas was happy with the report (Nurse Mary said it twice so I thought I would, too)

Good stuff!

But the good with the bad.  Maggie’s been feeling pretty lousy all week.  It is chemo week, after all, and chemo weeks just aren’t pleasant weeks.  Yesterday we had some AMAZING seats for the downtown Austin fireworks display (thank you, Michael!) but Maggie just couldn’t make it.  We came home well before the display started to a nice, comfortable bed and a big bowl of ice cream.  And, of course, some more chemo pills.

Today she seems like she feeling a little better.  She’s napping right now but is continuously worried about her study progress.  The bar exam dates are creeping up slowly, day by day, despite her physical well being.  But she’s staying on track by taking full advantage of the days she feels ok enough to study.

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