And More Studying…

The drudgery of the Bar prep is driving Maggie a little (more) crazy. But just 10 more days to go and she’ll finally wrap up this crazy little journey called “law school” with a 3-day-long, really-hard test punctuated by a quick (and hopefully painless) move back home to Austin. 🙂 What a crazy adventure! It’s even a little hard to believe that it’s over. But I guess I better stop trying to believe and call the movers. It’s going to take more than faith to get all Maggie’s shoes back to Austin.

Overall, she’s doing great. She feels great and is bubbly as ever. We have even gone on two brisk morning walks to get the blood flowing (although I think these were surreptitious means of getting me to buy new tennis shoes to replace my apparently outdated shoes.)

Tomorrow starts always-appreciated Chemo-Free Week but this month, as a special adjunct to the Bar, she gets TWO Chemo-Free Weeks! If we had followed the strict chemo regimen then she’d get a full dose of the knock-you-down-and-kick-you-while-you’re-down-there chemo called CPT-11 on the Monday, the day right before her exam and that’s just not nice. But because of her stellar response to treatment Dr. Loukas agrees that putting off that dose would be fine this late in the game. He was clear, however, that had we been earlier in treatment, regardless of the proximity to the Bar, he’d insist that she receive her scheduled dosage. We are so pleased to have the option.

The other day Maggie’s friend Florencia treated us to some Argentinean fried steaks for supper. They were TASTY! She’s also been helping Maggie study with suggested study schedules, pre-Bar quizzing, and occasional prepared meals. She’s been a real sweetheart, a little Argentinean angel. It’s hard to imagine what this Great Cancer Adventure would have been without her. Less pleasant, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “And More Studying…

  1. Go, Maggie, go!! We’re all standing right behind you all the way … like those Verizon network guys that follow people everywhere they go. (Kinda creepy, if you ask me!) And we’ll all step up to the plate the minute you crook your finger toward us! Love you!

  2. Maggie,
    I have had you on my mind. I know that this is miserable, but almost over. Hang in there!
    Love, Michelle

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