Of Bar Exam Plans and Moving Vans

The Bar is nearly here!  And Maggie feels like she’s ready.  She’s definitely _sick_ of studying.  The actual test is next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday followed immediately by celebrations.  It will certainly be a momentous occasion and worthy of grand libations and food fit for a queen.  However, I suspect Maggie will celebrate with a nap.  :  I’ll do my personal best to make up it, though.

The moving plan so far is to rent a U-Haul trailer in Waco, hire some packing helpers and fill it up with her few apartment possessions on Friday.  Then, make that final trip back from Waco after all the tearful goodbyes have been said.  Unpack the U-Haul and argue about what goes where.  What a wonderful day it will be!

Maggie already has grandiose plans after she finishes the bar and has some time to kill while waiting for the results (we get them in November – yeah, ridiculous!)  One of her first tasks is to “get this house back in order.”  What that means, I have no idea but I know the words strike fear in my heart.

Next week will mark the longest she’s been off chemo since we left the hospital in January.  Dr. Loukas agreed to give her two weeks off chemo in preparation for the bar (this week and next week.)  Sadly, the following Monday she’ll get right back on the horse.  Ah, that which makes her so sick kills The Cancer.  What a twisted reality.

2 thoughts on “Of Bar Exam Plans and Moving Vans

  1. dear chris,
    i sent you a hand-written letter a few weeks ago, dont know if you got it, i know your lives are in much turmoil lately. Its nice to be able to see pics of yall on the web and hear about your daily struggle. i hope maggie aces her bar exam! wish we still lived closer to lend moral and physical support (especially with your move), but i am a resident of cary, north carolina now (right by raleigh). my wife and i will be coming back to austin and san angelo in mid august to visit and pick up my seven year old step-son. As my wife is a cancer survivor, i feel your pain and worry. just wanted you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you both! your friend, john shaffer

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