Back to Waco One Last Time

Maggie has returned back to Waco for one last visit. But oh, how important this visit is – it’s Bar Time!  (Ok, all you drinkers you out there, not that type of bar… that type comes on Thursday.  See you there!)  This is the final push.  She’s rounding third and is screaming towards home!  Literally.  🙂

The really good thing is that she feels like she’s ready.  And she’s definitely full of law.  It’s to the point where she opens up her mouth and law just falls out, great big buckets of it.  It’s quite embarrassing sometimes.  I’ve never met someone so full of law.  We’ll be in a grocery store and she’ll turn to some innocent bystander and just barf law all over them.  Or at The Spa the other day some poor guy brought up tort reform.  I was petrified as to what was about to transpire.  Amazingly, she was restrained but the damn burst all over me when he left.  Maggie has always had a lot to say.  Now she just says it with law.  Which, thankfully, is just what she needs for the bar.

This morning’s Spa visit was completely uneventful.  She only received Avastin.  It was due this coming Monday but since she wanted to get back to Waco in time for the big 2007 Bar Cram party we asked to move it to today.  While we were there I picked up her PET scan results so -hopefully I can post a new, improved look at her insides.  Look for it on a blog near you.

Next Monday (July 30th) we get back on the CPT-11 so that week will be pretty low-key, despite the celebrations of moving back to Waco and finishing up the bar.  We’re also looking forward to Dr. Loukas’s comments about the PET scan results.  Despite my in-depth analysis, it’s always good to get his second opinion.

4 thoughts on “Back to Waco One Last Time

  1. Good luck Maggie. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! We are sending you all of our intelligence about law your way (which ain’t much, let me tell you…maybe I could spell the words for you?. You are going to do great!! We love you and we are right behind you!

  2. Maggie, lots of good thoughts and prayers are going your way this week. I heard you say once that you could do anything, and I believe you can. I believe in you, and I just know you are going to ace this. I’m so proud of you and love you so much. Sincerely, Meme

  3. Good heavens Chris … that second paragraph had me laughing like an idiot here in my cubicle at work. You have such a funny way of putting things! Keep up the bloggin’!

  4. Ok Maggie – it is finally here. It is not whether you fail or pass the Bar. You have already won – you have endured and overcome all of your own obstacles. I am proud of you. Thursday and Friday ought to be a breeze after all that you have been through to get to right where you are right this second. I hope that you are enjoying this awesome moment in your life. My prayers are with you.

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