One Day Down, Two More To Go!

Today’s test was tough.  Maggie said she knows she got some answers wrong but it’s still a hard thing to tell how she did overall.  For what it’s worth, she seemed happy the times I chatted with her today.  All 3 1/2 minutes.

They all finished up around lunch and celebrated with a lunch at Baris, a Baylor Law School lunch favorite. The rest of the day was spent lightly studying.  Martha and Dustin, the roommates, even took time to dine out for supper.  Maggie noted that the lack of hysteria was surprising.

There was one unexpected twist on the day.  The Bar officials, in an attempt to prevent Maggie from cheating, wouldn’t let her wear her hat during the exam.  Yup, she had to go bald and proud for the whole exam.  Apparently they are on to the whole “get cancer so you can cheat on the bar exam” bit.  Who’d a thunk it?  We thought we were so progressive.  I guess not.

Our friend Katy is having a tough time.  She’s got some pretty severe back pain issues that preclude her from sitting in a chair for extended periods of time.  Unfortunately, that’s what the bar exam is all about – sitting… for long periods of time.  Maggie said she made it through today but she’s paying for it tonight.  And, unfortunately, today was just a half day event.  Tomorrow is going to be hell.  Please send her your best “there is no spoon” thoughts tomorrow.  She could use our collective “You can do it!” just as much as Maggie.  Actually, I’d say she needs our positive thoughts more than Maggie.

Apparently tomorrow is, in the parlance of the youth, a “beat down.”  It’s a multiple choice test but make no mistake. This ain’t yer college multiple choice test!  The questions alone take a law degree to read plus a few long minutes of reading.  Then the answers, well, they aren’t so friendly either.  But, as Maggie said, it’s what we’ve got so let’s Git ‘R Done!  (Ok, the “Git ‘R done” part was not Maggie’s words.  It was all me in a cheap reference to Larry the Cable Guy… and if you don’t know who Larry the Cable Guy is you need to live a little.  Really.  Rent the video, for Pete’s sake.  And who is Pete, anyway?)


3 thoughts on “One Day Down, Two More To Go!

  1. Well, she doesn’t have to get _all_ the answers right. All she has to do is pass… right? And what’s left after that? Oh yeah … and who’s on first? (Go, Maggie! Kick Bar butt!)

  2. Multi state is no fun, but I know that you are doing great. I thought I had failed all sections. If that is what you are thinking, you have probably passed with flying colors. Sending a lot of good thoughts your way today!

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