Day Two – Done!

I just spoke with Maggie and she’s done for the day.  Only one more day of this to go.  She sounded really up-beat and happy to be finished but she’s also quite tired.  Apparently, she says, thinking really hard all day wears you out.

Katy apparently made it through the test ok.  She’s going to rest her back tonight but she thinks she’s going to make it.

Wow, what a monumental undertaking!  And they are all almost done.

5 thoughts on “Day Two – Done!

  1. Maggie, you are doing great! I can’t wait to celelbrate! Tell Katy I’m thinking about her and send my best wishes.

    Love you,

  2. Maggie – by the time you read this, you will be finished with the Texas Bar Exam. I am so excited for you. Celebrate hard and get some rest. Call me when you are up to having lunch. I am really proud of you.

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