Happy, Happy Day!

Wow, what another memorable day in this adventure we call Law Camp.  She’s graduated.  She finished the Bar exam.  What’s next?  Who cares, really.The significance of what has been accomplished today despite such monumental hindrances is worth giving pause (and respect).  Not that I’m partial, but seriously, this is the stuff of legend.  Yes, in case you missed it, my wife, Maggie Weaver, is a living legend.  Her story will be told for years.  I guarantee the professors at Baylor will never let the legend of Maggie Weaver fade.  Classes for years to come will hear tales of the girl who, despite being stricken with bad, bad colon cancer, stood triumphant through the end of her course work to ultimately earn her diploma.  And take the bar exam!  Ha!  🙂  I’m happy.

And tomorrow we move ma baby back home!

One thought on “Happy, Happy Day!

  1. Hi, Maggie!

    Congratulations on finishing the Bar exam! I hope that you passed that exam.

    I just hope that bad cancer is under control and maybe those tumors will shrink to small enough sizes to become operable. Just keep trying and don’t give up. Life is worth it, and I admire your husband Chris’ wonderful support!! Don’t let those sneaky, firey tumors spark out into your body and start new little fires.

    I send all my best to your family too.


    Aunt Pat Valente

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