The Wizard Gives Us Hope

(I’ve got to be brief but will expand on this later today with more details.)

Maggie’s liver, while still filled with tumors, is in great shape and very healthy.  The doctor said that while she’s definitely not eligible right now for surgery to remove the tumors, with chemo continuing through January, she very well may be eligible.  This is fantastic news.  We have moved from the “no surgery ever” category to the “maybe surgery in January” category – a HUGE improvement!  And with the surgery we move from “no chance to survive” to “a very real but small chance for a cure.”  Wow!  So, she and I are quite happy right now just to be back in the game.

16 thoughts on “The Wizard Gives Us Hope

  1. Fantastic! We are so excited for you! All these prayers up here in North Texas and everywhere else, along with Maggie’s indomitable spirit and Chris’s unwavering support are breaking through this senseless blip in the computer program that is your life together!! Love and prayers always!

  2. Oh, my, what wonderful news. I’m positively giddy, I’m so happy. More prayers from West Texas, and some coming from Connecticut, and South Texas, too. Can’t have too many, can we. Yea!!!

  3. I’m so very happy for the both of you! This is very hopeful news! Baylor Christian Legal Society and I will continue to remember you in prayer!

  4. I am so so happy!!! Maggie comes from good family stock. She is tough, a real surviver. We’re going to see her achieve all her goals. All my love and prayers….

  5. C’mon Wizard! Bout time he started forking over some good news. Sorry I wasn’t there for the good stuff today but am thrilled it went well. Keep going, strong one.

  6. Maggie, today I learned from Barbara Brown (U.S. Atty. Office) about your ordeal with COLON CANCER! I am shocked and saddened that someone as young as you has this dreaded disease. I am so hopeful, however, after spending a good part of my afternoon and most of my evening reading the wonderful diary your husband has kept on your website. You look exactly like I remember you from our days at the U.S. Attorney’s Office when you were a Senior in High School. I have prayed fervently for you tonight, and will continue to do so everyday until you recover. By the way, I too was diagnosed with colon cancer on May 15, 2006 during a routine colonoscopy and had my surgery to remove a part of my colon on May 30, 2006. I’m cancer-free so far but continue to get my labs and am due for another CT scan in January. However, cancer at my age (57) although still pretty scary, is nothing compared to what you are going through, my dear. I am inspired by your great attitude. God Bless you and keep you.

    1. Hi, Edna.
      I googled your name, wondering how you were doing.
      I’m working in Houston, I live in Kingwood. My husband died last year, but his mother lives with me now.
      Clara Touchet Malina

  7. Great, great, great news guys. I am very hopeful for you both. Oxaliplatin we have found to be effective and I trust you see similar results. I understand that whilst this is great news you both might be a little hesitant to celebrate. Don’t be. God has good things in store for you both. Hang in there and remember to treat yourselves every single day.

  8. Congrats.

    I don’t know if I ever wrote here before, but when I was dx with cc with mets to the liver in July of ’04, the origninaly diagnosis was that I could die at any moment, but that I had 18 months tops to live with treatment.

    I searched for a great hospital and signed up for a clinical trial. I have been disease free since October of ’04. I stopped chemo in June of ’05 and have not taken any medication since.

    Miracles can happen and they can happen to you.

  9. Thank you, cptmac22, for sharing your miracle with us. Your story gives us even stronger hope for a miracle for Maggie!

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