Her New Job as a Real Lawyer

Maggie started her new job as a real live* lawyer yesterday.  She’s working for a small firm here in town called The Wenholz Law Firm.  She really likes the people and had a great first day. She was all big, big smiles when she came home.

We got this job thanks to a friend’s recommendation (thank you, Kathy!) and we believe it’s going to work out perfectly.  It’s a one lawyer shop with a supporting staff of about 3 or 4.  The offices are in a quaint old house off Bee Caves and close to my school so we can meet for lunch.  Maggie’s got a new desk, computer and other assorted Lawyer-stuff all upstairs in her corner of a larger room.  Maggie said that she wants to bring up one or two of her paintings to give it a sense of home.

David, the lawyer, is fully aware of our situation and is willing to be flexible with us which just really, really helps tremendously.  Oh, and he’s already proven to be receptive to Maggie’s endless stream of improvement suggestions.  And you know how Maggie LOVES to make things better!

She’ll essentially be doing paralegal work until the all-important bar results are posted early November.  And the firm isn’t really family law but David was clear that as soon as she gets her bar card she’s welcome to bring in any business she’d like, family or otherwise.  Maggie plans to sign up for court appointments as soon as is permissible to get that ball rolling.

She has said multiple times – “what a great first day!”  And I wholeheartedly agree.  It’s been a long hard road to get here and there were some times when I wasn’t sure we’d make it.  But, it sure is nice to finally make it to this place.

*  We like to stress that “live” part a lot.  And combining the cancer crap and all the dead lawyer jokes is fertile ground for some hilarious jokes but I’m drawing a blank this morning.  My brain is full of balance sheets and sales funnels.

15 thoughts on “Her New Job as a Real Lawyer

  1. HOW GREAT IT IS!!! We’re so very happy for you. I know you are thrilled. I can just see that happy, smiley face. This is the real thing now. Best of luck. I know you’re going to wow ’em.
    All our love. Big Daddy, too.

  2. Woohoo…she made it! Check that goal off the list! It sounds like this job will be adding dozens of new goals in no time at all. The Wenholz Law Firm is very, very lucky to have Maggie, and they’ll be feeling her impact on their bottom line very soon. As Carson would say with clapping hands, “YEA, MAGGIE!”

  3. Maggie we are so proud of you! We always knew this day would come…soon it will be your own law firm! We love you and are just so, so proud of you! Love, hugs, and lots of slobbery wet Carson kisses!!

  4. Congrats to Maggie on the job and to you Chris for starting school. I feel something very funny in the phrase “sales funnels.”

  5. Maggie, I am so proud of you and congraulations! I hope those bar exam results in November 2007 mean that you have passed. I hope you will get better and beat that cancer; together you and Chris will continue to work it out. Do not give up and I am praying for you!!


    Aunt Pat Valente from
    Daly City, CA!

    P.S.: Grandma Gertrude Valente also sends her love and prayers!

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