Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Maggie’s hard earned hair growth is quickly becoming history.  That last round of CPT-11 is working it’s final magic.  She is hoping that this will be the last time but Dr. Loukas, during her last Weds appointment, seemed to express tacit disagreement by lack of confirmation or denial when Maggie said we were celebrating her last bald days.

I mentioned in one of my last posts that the side-effects with the new chemo Oxaliplatin will be cumulative until we reach maximum toxicity in six months.  Six months will be March.  Acton, my business school, has been teaching me to ask more questions.  So, in keeping with the program:
*  What does “maximum toxicity” mean?
*  How does “maximum toxicity” represent?
*  What comes next?
*  When will we know that the new stuff is working?

Other than the new chemo buddy pack, the cold sensitivity and the general nausea, the process has been pretty painless.  Thankfully.  As is usual on The Journey, we still can’t see through the haze of future.  So who knows what’s coming.  But as the fall approaches bringing the Christmas season we were not expected to share together grows near, I still rejoice every morning I get to kiss her goodbye as I head to class.

6 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Please allow me, son, to make one small addition to one of your sentences that makes your words so relevant to _all_ of us …. “As is usual on The Journey [of Life], we still can’t see through the haze of the future.” And because what you say is so, so true, I watch you and Maggie with such admiration as you rejoice and live in the way that each and every one of us ought to always… one day at a time. You are an inspiration to me! Thank you for that lesson in life!

  2. No truer words were ever spoken. I turn to this site often for inspiration and clarity on the life’s simplest gift, to love and be loved. You are –all- in my thoughts and prayers, xox Cat

  3. Each day is precious. We only have today. We only have this moment. I am so glad to know you both and am proud to be able to say you are part of my family!

    Much Love, Mom

  4. Dear Maggie and Chris:

    I really, really hope that this CPT-11 treatment will work for Maggie!! Please don’t give up; I will always pray for you and give my strength to you!!

    Love and Regards,

    Aunt Pat Valente
    Daly City, CA

    P.S.: Much prayers and love from Grandma Valente also!

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