Monthly Archives: November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow!  We have so much to be thankful for this year!  Top of the list is our health, our friends and our family.  Ignoring, if just for a bit, the elephant in the room, we are healthy, happy and doing great.  And in those past times this year when we weren’t, our friends and family have stepped up way beyond what we’d ever expect or imagine.  If we have to live for quality instead of quantity, we’re doing it Maggie and Chris style all day, every day.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Not So Hot But Improving

This weekend was pretty yucky with the unpleasantness peaking probably yesterday.  I say “probably” because I actually don’t know.  I wasn’t here with Maggie but was, instead, studying all day.  I do know that the two times I talked briefly to her via phone she sounded pretty low.  Thank you, Martha, for taking good care of Maggie last night in my place.  Thankfully, today she’s feeling a bit better.  And we went to lunch together today!  🙂 Continue reading Not So Hot But Improving

Tuesday Election Notes and Movie Night

Tuesday, November 6th is the big election.  Please vote, no matter what you vote for.  Voting is both your privilege and responsibility.  If you don’t vote someday someone is going to take that privilege away from you.  “No!” you say?  “It can’t happen,” you protest?  How do you think Spain-owned toll roads in Austin got built?  Hmmm…. Think about that for a while. Continue reading Tuesday Election Notes and Movie Night

Yesterday’s Celebrations

Thinking back on this year a number of dates stick out as uniquely memorable – the day we were diagnosed, the day before surgery when we snuck Niko into the hospital, the day we visited Baylor for the class photo, the day we laid on the floor in the bathroom for more than an hour while trying to get to class, the last day of finals, the day Maggie graduated, the day she took the bar, the day MD Anderson called….  There’re quite a few.  I’m pleased to add one more – yesterday – the day we passed the bar. Continue reading Yesterday’s Celebrations