27 thoughts on “PASSED THE BAR!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I can only imagine what a relief it must be. My friend Danny passed too–I’m toasting to each of you tonight!

  2. Woohoo! Of course!! Did we ever consider any other outcome???

    YEA, Maggie! I’m proud of you! Does this make you Maggie M. Weaver, Esq.?

  3. Yipee!!! Of course we knew you would, just had to wait for confirmation. Couldn’t be prouder. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have no idea what it takes to pass the bar but I am fairly sure it’s not easy. I cannot imagine how much harder it was to do this and go through chemo at the same time coupled with the emotional rollercoaster you guys have been on. Amazing achievment, I’m delighted for you both.


  5. Congratulations on passing the Bar exam. You are an exceptional person!
    Our prayers are with you everyday. Warren & Frances, Weaverville, NC

  6. I’m proud as punch!!!! I knew you would do it. You’ve been practicing since you were 5 years old! 🙂

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