Tuesday Election Notes and Movie Night

Tuesday, November 6th is the big election.  Please vote, no matter what you vote for.  Voting is both your privilege and responsibility.  If you don’t vote someday someone is going to take that privilege away from you.  “No!” you say?  “It can’t happen,” you protest?  How do you think Spain-owned toll roads in Austin got built?  Hmmm…. Think about that for a while.

Other politics aside, Proposition 15 calls for creating a rather large fund earmarked for cancer research.  The idea is to inject $3 billion (BILLION) into cancer research over the next 10 years with a goal toward curing cancer.  Whiners and naysayers have recently shown up in droves claiming that this is a bad idea (“It’s a new tax!”  “It’s gonna increase abortions!” “It’s gonna cause cancer!” – ok, sorry.  That last one I made up but I got caught up in saying idiotic things.)  But the other two are true.

You, yes you, with the eyes reading what I’m typing HAVE to go vote!  What follows is verbiage straight out of the League of Women Voters’ flyer (found here in it’s entirety).

PROPOSITION 15 – Official Ballot Language
The constitutional amendment requiring the creation of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and authorizing the issuance of up to $3 billion in bonds payable from the general revenues of the state for research in Texas to find the causes of and cures for cancer.

This amendment would establish a state-wide cancer research and prevention institute which could manage and disburse state monies for cancer research and prevention studies and programs in Texas. It authorizes the issuance of up to $3 billion in general revenue bonds for this purpose.

In other news, Maggie and I went on a date last night with Nurse Jolie and her husband, Arturo.  We had a great time mostly.  We went to the Alamo Draft House, a local favorite dinner-and-a-movie-as-a-combo-pack place to see “Dan in Real Life.”  Sold to me by Maggie as a comedy (I tend prefer more simple “boobs and blowing up stuff” motifs), I was horrified to find out it was a family-style love comedy which ranks only slightly higher on the chick-flick scale of horror than Fried Green Tomatoes or YaYa’s of the Traveling Pants.  But, as a supportive husband and a man, I toughed it out… but only because Alamo serves beer.

That is, until we realized that the story was about a single dad trying to get back into the dating game after losing his wife to cancer three years back….  Yeah, I had the same reaction you just did.  Except mine was mixed with beer… which tasted like crying… and lime.

So, where the audience saw touching moments of letting go and moving on, Maggie and I saw my difficult future.  Awkward “first date” moments teased out painful emotional mixtures I don’t quite have the words to describe.  His thoughtful memories were painful reflections of experiences we see looking forward.  How hard it was to watch someone learn to feel good about falling in love again while sitting in the chairs we sit.  The complexity and richness of the emotions we were both experiencing was numbing.  Even as I write this now, I find myself still recoiling at the intensity of what happened.  It was probably one of the most difficult movies I’ve ever sat through.  I’ll bet that wasn’t the intent of the producers.

I still can’t help but be thankful that Maggie and I can share those moments, despite the pain and the reality, without distracting ourselves or diluting the moment.  We are both very scared of our future and that’s hard to face.  I’m terrified about what things may come.  She and I are both terrified about how I’m going to make it without her.  She tells me she’s more worried about how I’m going to make it through this than she is of dying.  I think I’m equally worried about both.  Hard to tell the difference.  They both really, really, really hurt my brain.  My heart drops in and out for brief visits.  But, at least for now I have her here to talk with about this mess.  She is my best friend, no matter how uncertain the future.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Election Notes and Movie Night

  1. Maggie and Chris,

    I just want you to know that my heart goes out to you both.

    I voted this morning…I had to vote yes to prop 15…in honor of Maggie and everyone else out there struggling with cancer. I hope one day, sooner than later, a cure will be found.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

  2. Maggie and Chris,

    You don’t know me but Chris’ sister is my Microbiology professor. She has told her classes about this website and we are all praying for you guys.

    I also voted YES to Proposition 15 this morning. My mother is good friends with Senator Jane Nelson and I thanked her for helping to get this important legislation on the ballot. With this kind of money to spend on cancer research we should be able to find a way to eradicate this disease.

  3. Everyone, please please vote! While these funds may not be appropriated in time for my beautiful sister-in-law, this proposition WILL affect you sometime in your life. Do it for Maggie, Do it for Chris, Do it for You.

  4. Just got back from doing my part at the polling station. Only two of the 21 issues interested me at all … the bond issue for our school district and Prop 15. And of those two, well …. you can probably guess which one is at the top of my Most Important list. I strongly join my eloquent and wonderful son and daughter in URGING you to vote. What if you don’t vote and Prop 15 doesn’t pass by *one* vote!!! Nobody wants to carry that kind of responsibility around for the rest of his/her life.

    But then … I’m probably preaching to the choir here!

    BTW and FYI … the director of that heartbreaking movie you saw is the son of the retired priest from Good Shepherd Emmanuel Church in San Angelo.

  5. BD and I voted just before noon today. We had two ballots to vote on – State and City. We were asked if we wanted to vote both, and we said NO. Just the state. That’s where our interest is right now. I’m praying for a positive result. And BTW dear ones, I hope you are aware of how many lives you are touching in such a wonderful way by the way you are handling this GCA. God bless y ou both. Love, Love.

  6. Chris,

    You may not remember me. My wife, Wendy, went to high school with Jeff and I worked down at Paradox with Ernie and Julie. We read your blog often and think about you guys often as well. Could you do me a favor and shoot me an email? I’d like to be able to talk to you “off line” about something.

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