To the Wizard with Hope

Maggie leaves today to see The Wizards.  She brings with her plenty of hope, hope that they can give her good news.  We spent last night with friends laughing and dining celebrating life.  It was a great time for all of us.

Maggie’s feeling much better now.  Like we’ve come to predict, Saturday, exactly five days after her Spa visit, she was feeling much, much better – dancing around, ripping her jokes and being the general whirlwind that is Maggie.  It’s always so wonderful to see that light come back into her eyes.

This time around it was a tough one.  Wednesday evening sucked* and Thursday was equally as bad.  She came home early from work and slept the rest of the day.  It’s heartbreaking, really, to see my vibrant wife get hit by this truck every two weeks.  And this time around, for both of us, it was much more emotional.  I fear this pattern is beginning to wear at us.

*By “sucked” I don’t mean anything other than she was just down, physically.  We’ve been very blessed to avoid many of the more unpleasant and less-popular side-effects such as vomiting and diarrhea.  She stays nauseated most of the time which keeps her feeling icky.  Subtle movements must be avoided, as must roller skating, so most of her time is spent in bed.  But I should be careful with my complaints because in my mind I can easily imagine a tougher experience.

The chemo just beats her down badly.  Imagine having the flu more than 33% of the time.  Along with that, she’s fully developed cold sensitivity from the oxalitplatin that requires her to be very careful about what she touches.  She inevitably burns herself each morning trying to test the shower temperature.  And fixing her own meal has become more of a challenge.  I can’t seem to get the silly girl to wear gloves.

Her first appointment at MDA is tonight at 6PM.  It’s just the blood work.  She’s staying with Dr. Lisa in Houston.  Thank goodness for that!  But it’s still so tough to send her there by herself.  Tomorrow’s date with the CT machine is at 6AM.  What a way to start the day.  Then she’s free until Tuesday when she meets with Dr. Eng around noon when we’ll find out how the scans look.  We’re hoping the results are in the “medical mystery” territory.  I’m going to conference in for that appointment, even if I have to step out of class.  I’m afraid that my profs will have to understand.  Tuesday is a big day for us.

7 thoughts on “To the Wizard with Hope

  1. Rest assured there will be lots of prayers for good reports. Hang in, we’re all with you both. What a year this has been, and what an gift you have give all of us by the way you have handled it. God bless y ou both. All my love.

  2. We’re all out here watching and hoping, with you….

    If “positive mental energy” counts for anything, please know that it is focused intently on you both.

  3. You and Maggie are in the hearts and minds of all of us who know you as well as hundreds, if not thousands, of people who don’t. I *believe* in the power of all that love, those prayers and hopes, your courage and strength, and Maggie’s indomitable will and spirit. I *believe* that you will hear positive words of great encouragement on Tuesday! You will, you will, you will, you will, you will ……

  4. Good luck guys! Coincidence that K’s getting the same thing done on the same day! We intend on asking for a CD tomorrow so we can do our own “arm chair” diagnosis tomorrow night. Here’s to happy scans and here’s wishing you surgery!!!

    God bless,

  5. Hi Maggie and Chris. I am Francis’ wife and I too have stage 4 colon. I will be praying for you that those tumors start shrinking. I have been off chemo for a bit (due to attempted surgery) but am heading back in a few weeks. Hang in there both of you. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. God bless. Karen

  6. Hi Maggie and Chris,
    I have just heard about your illness. I want you to know that I live in a community of a lot of older folks and sometimes it seems that half of them are beating cancer. I can not say that you will be one of these miracles, but I do believe that God is still performing miracles. I am praying for a special touch for you both.

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