Dr. Eng’s Evaluation

The tumors are shrinking again but they haven’t shrunk enough for surgery.

Dr Eng said that the tumors they measured have shrunk an additional 1cm but that they aren’t in the size realm for surgical removal.  The great news is that they are shrinking which means the FOLFOX is working.   Big sigh.  That, by itself, was a big bet.

Overall, Maggie and Jolie felt that Dr. Eng was quite positive and that she was very impressed with Maggie’s tolerance of (and lack of) the side-effects.

Moving forward, continued treatment.   🙁  But it beats what could have been worse news.

Tomorrow she’ll meet with Dr. Curly who will comment further on her possibility for surgery.  But for now, while we’re disappointed we didn’t win the gold we are content with knowing that we are still headed in the right direction.

9 thoughts on “Dr. Eng’s Evaluation

  1. Right, we didn’t win this time, but we’re still in the game. Relieved to know that it’s working, and we’ll just hang in a little longer. Good going. Just keep on a keepin’ on. One day at a time. Love and prayers.

  2. Ahhhh…. small sigh of relief. Some good news is better then none! We’ll keep on keepin on and kicking those tumor’s asses!

  3. Well, shoot! Not exactly the news we were hoping for, but it doesn’t sound like there was any bad news either. I guess that’s a baby step forward for now. And a baby step forward is better than any kind of step backward! A small blessing, but a blessing just the same! Love ….

  4. This is great, excellent, wonderful news! Of course, we all wanted the tumors to disappear or be surgically resectable, but the fact that this new treatment is shrinking the tumors, whereas the previous treatment was just keeping them at bay is great, not just good, news!

  5. Although this is not the absolute best scenario that everyone wanted, this is fantastic news. To echo Nurse Jolie, the fact that the treatment is working AND keeping other tumors from arising is fantastic. So we should all rejoice in that fact, we still have many exciting times ahead!

  6. Maggie, just keep getting at those shrinking tumors and maybe by some miracle, they will be “tiny” enough to remove by surgery! I am praying for you!! All the best to Chris, also!

    Love, Prayers and Regards,

    Aunt Pat Valente
    from Daly City, CA!!

  7. Good news guys. Take heart, my armchair opinion is the docs want to see the tumors shrink until they stop shrinking, THEN resect. That’s the sweet spot. They also probably want to do 6months of oxali, that seems to be the standard dosage. So you guys are bang on track. Great job!

  8. Something I read says: Time and size do not exist in the Universe. It is as easy to heal a pimple as a disease. The process is identical: the difference is in our minds. We must reduce the it in our mind to the size of a pimple, let go of all negative thoughts, and then focus on the perfection of health.

    So let’s all shrink those tumors to a pimple!

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