Not Feeling Well

Maggie called me after lunch to tell me she was feeling pretty bad and was headed home.  She headed by The Spa first for a quick check of her cell counts because this is eerily similar to when she was ill right before her Greece trip… when we spent a week in the hospital.

The Spa said her counts look ok but she’s definitely running at 101 temperature.  They said to call back if it gets to 101.5.  Of course, then what?  Hopefully we won’t know.  She’s in bed now covered in blankets with a heating pad on her, too.  Basically, she’s not feeling too good.  Last time this happened we spent a week in the hospital nursing a bruised immune system but last time nice folks at The Spa were pretty decisive about what needed to be done.  Hopefully this time around she just has that pesky cold that always seems to be going around.

{cue ominous music}

Does Maggie have neutropenia?
Will Chris and Maggie go to the hospital?

— Only time will tell!!! —

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Maggie and Chris’
The Great Cancer Adventure!

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