Monthly Archives: May 2008

Chemo Break

We met with Dr. Loukas today and, as we had hoped, he has cleared Maggie for a chemo “break.”  He said that the tumors are definitely still all there but that they are inactive.  He also said that Dr. Curly, the liver surgeon at MD Anderson had called to report that surgery is still not an option.  But, at least for a little while we get a little break. Continue reading Chemo Break

Probably not a new tumor

On last week’s exciting episode, Maggie’s OBGYN found a lump in a place it didn’t belong.  Since then, she’s had both an MRI and a mammogram, neither of which showed any signs to worry so we aren’t.  Nonetheless, she’s scheduled for a meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday to confirm the lump and discuss options for removal.  I’m suspect that this meeting is a continuation of some sort of scam in the medical industry whereas as many people as possible get to handle her breasts.  We also had a PET scan on Tuesday.  The results: the tumors are inactive.  Fantastic! Continue reading Probably not a new tumor

CT and MIR Results + a Soar-Coated Surprise

Today’s visit with Dr. Loukas was pleasant.  In short, Maggie’s scans were exactly what we had hoped.  Let’s give a little hurray for that and celebrate small victories.  The tumors have decreased in size since last time and the MRI of her brain showed no sign of disease (while there was evidence of the crazy.)  However, her visit with the OBGYN today had an unexpected and chilling outcome. Continue reading CT and MIR Results + a Soar-Coated Surprise

Another CT and an MRI

We just got back from CT and MRI fun time.  The day started early with a Barium breakfast at 6:30AM, chilled for her pleasure.  Both scans went fine although the legs were a little wobbly after the MRI for some reason.  All those magnetic fields messed with Maggie’s thinker, I suppose.  Either that or all that contrast blowing through the ol’ blood/brain barrier just shook things up a bit.  Nonetheless, she’s fine and taking a quick nap before heading to work. Continue reading Another CT and an MRI