Friday’s Spa Visit

Maggie went for her first “chemo light” Spa visit on Friday – Avastin only.  It took longer than was necessary due to some disorganization at The Spa but still it was comparatively quick.  She was in by 9AM and out by 11:30.  Best of all, she left feeling fine and with no pesky chemo pump to lug around for the weekend.

And what a fantastic weekend it was!  We had a marvelous supper with friends Friday night.  Saturday we messed around all day, even playing a round of pitch-and-put golf in the sun drinking beer.    Saturday night we went to a friend’s birthday party.  Then Sunday Maggie had to work to prepare for an up-coming trial but Sunday late afternoon we went to an Austin social event with food, booze and music.  It was a great weekend to be alive, be in Austin, and be with my honey.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Spa Visit

  1. What a wonderful weekend! It’s so good to hear about. Enjoy, enjoy! Love and prayers every day –

  2. My heart is so full of joy just hearing about your wonderful weekend together. Prayers have been, and are being, answered every day. And, rest assured, they will continue every day. All our love. Meme & Big Daddy

  3. Have you guys considered Maggie being treated with intrahepatic arterial chemotherapy thru a pump? Very few centres do it but Sloan Kettering and maybe M.D. Anderson does.Take care.

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