The Big Leap

Today is Maggie’s last day at the Wenholz Law Firm.  Monday, she hangs out her own shingle with the opening of the Weaver Law Firm.

This is such a big, big step.  Maggie’s graduation was a joyous occasion but one that presented us with a path that seemed more foggy than most.  Despite the mysteries and medical hurdles we faced, Dave Wenholz took a tremendous chance and gave Maggie an opportunity to work with and learn from him.  I am truly thankful for his kind gesture.  When Maggie interviewed with him, bald and beautiful, she had nothing to promise but confidence in herself and a true belief any immediate threat of death was overrated.  He believed in her and she jumped right in.  I’ don’t know for sure but I believe that she had a very positive impact on his firm.  I do know that he had a tremendously positive impact on Maggie.  Thank you so much for believing, Dave.

Monday begins a new era in our life, one that Maggie has dreamed about seemingly forever.  It’s something that despite fighting and faith, didn’t feel inevitable.  But doubts be damned!   The dream is here, it is real, and she is going to do great!*

Congrats, baby!  You are living the dream!

* Please send clients. 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Big Leap

  1. Hang in there you two. Maggie in her dream coming true, and Chris with his. You two are a couple in a million. Live your dreams, and enjoy every minute of it. You’ve earned it. We are so happy for you.
    Love and best wishes and continued prayers.
    Meme and Big Daddy

    BTW-where is your new office located, Maggie?

  2. What is Maggie’s specialty? We in the CPA biz are asked for attorney referrals pretty regulary. And you know I will always help a “semi-colon”.

    Note from Chris: Maggie specializes in family law issues: custody, divorces, prenups, adoption, surrogacy She can also work on wills and personal injury cases but its not her preference. She shares office space with another attorney who specializes in criminal defense so if anything of that nature occurs, she can help.

  3. I’m proud of you both. The sweetest fruit is at the top of the tree. The higher you climb, the more delicious the sense of accomplishment and achievement of your goals. I should know….I had to cross some pretty difficult hurdles, too, to reach my goals!
    Much Love,

  4. Congrats Maggie.. (and Chris) you two are the most deserving. Faith, love, family and friends is what keeps us going. Keep living the dream! Love ya both

  5. Well I’m sure I’ll need a pre-nup one day. 🙂 I’m so excited your office is South. Makes it easy for lunch dates with Maggie’s beautiful face! Congratulations on all your achievements. Both of you!

  6. I didn’t know you were going solo. Congrats to you–that is very awesome. So brave–I envy you! I know you will be a success 🙂

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