A Deep Breath

I find that with time I’ve been able to soften the sharp edges on the memories of what happened to us last year.  I suppose that type of brain wiring is intentional by design else life would be a lot more challenging than it is already.  Thankfully, Maggie and I can carry on daily with blissful ignorance of what’s going to happen.  We are having a great time and living a wonderful life full of excitement and bright futures.  But, just like a beaten dog that cowers from a raised hand, one quick phone call can sure palpitate my heart.

A nurse from The Spa called to tell us that Maggie’s CEA was above normal.  It’s at 7.5 (normal being less than 5).  Now, this really could be nothing at all.  Using the CEA measurement is hardly a precise indicator.  It can be affected by stress, food, and a ton of other things.  But what it could mean is that Maggie’s tumors are active and growing again.  That’s a really hard “could” to swallow.

We have a CT scan scheduled for August 25 and a PET to quickly follow.  Until then, I’ll remind myself daily that today is a very special day. A great day, in fact, to celebrate being together.

3 thoughts on “A Deep Breath

  1. Lots and lots of prayers while I hold my breath. I _believe_ that the increase in CEA is just a reaction to all the excitement of the birth of The Weaver Law Firm! August 25th is Carson’s birthday … so that makes it a lucky day for all of us in the Weaver family! Still … prayers and prayers every day ….
    Love you both –

  2. I agree that it’s from all the excitement of the the new law firm. Lots and lots of prayers and good energy being sent your way.

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