Wow, Another Hard Left Turn!

The Great Cancer Adventure that we’re on continues to hurl us through seemingly endless valleys, peaks, twists and turns.  It’s the hard left turns that really get to me.  There is just a shock to the system that takes some recovery time when things that are going so well suddenly go bad.  Fortunately, the recovery is easier on the head when things that are going badly suddenly get better.

Maggie is doing great.  All of her symptoms, including the rash, have significantly improved.  It’s definitely not all gone but compared to “really awful” it’s “pretty darn ok.”  The rash and pustules on her back have completely disappeared (Where’d they go?, we ask.)  The ones on her chest are about 90% gone.  Her face, well, it’s just sprung back to life full of smiles and laughter.  And my soul rejoices like wilted flowers in the late summer rain.

We accredit the neck-snapping left turn to the steroid Maggie now takes twice a day, religiously – prednisone.

The swelling of her nose, lips and chin is essentially gone.  We’ve yet to have any new pustules and the rash has faded substantially.  The previous pustules (and badly-affected skin) is, for lack of a better description, molting.  Yes, odd but true.  The process hasn’t completed so we’re not sure what’s on the other side but a) there’s no more pain, and b) there’s no more pustules so far.

To quote Bill and Ted, folk heroes of linguistic elegance and brevity: “Excellent!”

8 thoughts on “Wow, Another Hard Left Turn!

  1. FANTASTIC! I knew that face was not to be hidden for too long!! Wonderful wonderful news. Daily prayers and thoughts and love headed your way from North Texas.

  2. Hello:
    We’ve never met, but we have a mutual friend in Elizabeth (Bartell) McCoy. Just wanted to say what an amazing couple you are! I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but you seem so perfectly matched to defeat this horrible adversary. Glad to hear the smiles have returned.

  3. I can’t even imagine Maggie not smiling, so to hear that her beautiful smile has returned brightens my day. Maggie, you’re a true inspiration.

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